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About us

What is Kalashnikov Entertainment?

Kalashnikov Entertainment was founded in 2010 by a group of quite experienced airsoft players as a project to pursue a common interest: Russian military gear. Furthermore, goal of this project was to participate in scenario games and larger MilSim events as a group. Those kind of games provide a certain flair which is very important from our point of view. Besides other things this flair is created by wearing matching outfits depending on the scenario - more or less as in LARP Games. This was the reason for us to to expand the project a bit and besides the Russian gear we created a “rebel style” outfit, since many scenarios have insurgents or mercenaries as counterpart to “regular” troops.

Kalashnikov Entertainment at Borderwar 5

Not an airsoft team!

Although in some aspects Kalashnikov Entertainment is quite similar to a regular airsoft team we don’t call ourselves a “team” for several reasons. Some of our members are already member of a regular airsoft team and run Kalashnikov Entertainment besides that, others have no team at all. A regular airsoft team requires a certain level of organization, leadership, rules and duties. Kalashnikov Entertainment has all those aspects on a minimum level or lacks them completely. It is based on what we call a “gentleman's agreement”. Everyone is free to do what he likes to do but a given word is something you can rely on. This is possible because we all have long term airsoft experience and know each other for quite a long time. A side effect of this is the fact that our average members age is a bit higher than you would expect. Since we are basically a group of friends, decisions are made democratically and we can rely on each other. The team spirit within Kalashnikov Entertainment is quite strong and we dare to say its stronger then in many regular airsoft teams. Also we don’t really recruit members nor have a specific recruitment system. Time by time we meet people that fit in our group and get “in”.

Where and what do we play?

We share common values in terms of our preferred game style, but not a specified type of game. We focus on MilSim operations with long walks, night game, guard duty and reconnaissance missions. Also you can find us on smaller scenario games. While our members come from all over the western part of Germany we almost only play abroad. You can find us on airsoft and MilSim events all over Europe such as Borderwar (Czech Republic) or Berget Events (Sweden). So far we've played in the Czech Republic, Sweden, France, Belgium, Croatia, Switzerland and Austria. Some people may ask why we don’t list Germany: Well, airsoft is legal in Germany but some restrictions apply. Also there are several game sides, events and a lot of players. In general we would not say “We don’t play in Germany” but events that we like are very rare and we enjoy the international feeling at games abroad. Meeting people from all over Europe, talking to them and sharing a beer or two is something we enjoy pretty much.

Kalashnikov Entertainment at Borderwar 5

Our gear and game style

Contrary to other airsoft groups we decided NOT to call us somewhat "tactical" or "special". We don’t exercise or do tactical trainings. This is to emphasize that we are not taking ourselves too serious. Still we are looking for a certain grade of professionalism and take given missions and scenarios serious. We are known for applying quite uncommon tactics and sometimes sacrifice our virtual life in heroic suicide attacks or stuff like that. See it as a sometimes a bit exaggerated presentation of our roles in the game. Our Russian gear is inspired by modern Russian military forces since 1991, but not a certain unit or period. Our gear is focused on finding a good balance between reenactment and playability to provide a coherent presentation even if we miss some details. If possible we try to use original gear, but in some cases replicas or self-made stuff is also used. Also we don’t wear any insignias, ranks or medals. Let’s say its “Russian style”. The idea to create our “Rebel style” outfits came up during the preparations for a large MilSim event. The scenario was basically set up as "regular army versus different kinds of insurgents and foreign mercenaries". We thought that our Russian gear would do the job but that a proper insurgents outfit would be much better. Another advantage was the fact that a insurgent outfit is pretty cheap to realize and we could team up with our friends from NFA to build a larger group. We use mixed gear and camo for this to ensure that it is not too “tactical”. As a trademark we decided to wear the same kind of berets.

Area of Operation

Author: Admin · posted on January 26th, 2014